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The Mona Lisa Mystery




Following the TV première of his documentary "The Mona Lisa Mystery" on 5 December 2013, the director Klaus T. Steindl discussed live on Servus-TV in the "Talk im Hangar 7" with renowned experts.




Martin Kemp - Art historian at the University of Oxford

John F. Asmus - Physicist at the University of California in San Diego

Joel Feldman - Secretary-General of the Swiss Mona Lisa Foundation

Ernst Lux - Restorer and discoverer of the "Madonna of the Grotto"

Manfred Schreiner - Chemist at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts

Klaus T. Steindl - Director of the TV documentary "The Mona Lisa Mystery"
Presenter: Johannes Willms




The Mona Lisa in the Paris Louvre is seen as unsellable and is the most expensive painting in the world. Insurance sum: EUR 800 million. But its uniqueness is now being seriously questioned. A Swiss foundation maintains that it possesses a Mona Lisa that was also painted by Leonardo da Vinci but is supposed to be even older than the famous painting in Paris. An argument has developed among experts: Is the Swiss Mona Lisa an original? And if so, did Leonardo already paint her before the smiling beauty in the Louvre? Is the beauty really unique, or is perhaps only a copy hanging in Paris? And how can modern research methods help to clarify all these questions? During the talk in Hangar-7, the arguments of renowned experts clash with one another.