About us


KREATIVkraft is an independent film production company.

We produce high-level TV productions for prime time in collaboration with the globally leading television broadcasters. In the process, we pool creativity, know-how and experience under one roof, from research and script, direction and text to production.

Our films achieve top viewer figures around the world. They uncover secrets of nature or deal with controversial topics from all over the world, right across history. In the process, we always integrate the latest insights from science and research.

The global success of our productions is based on excellent storytelling, unusual settings, spectacular images and the use of the latest technologies.

This achievement is reflected in the large number of major international prizes which our films are constantly being awarded.




Behind every successful (film) project there is an experienced team that prepares topics, contributes creative ideas, creates texts and provides all kinds of information.

We are also pleased to share this valuable "infrastructure" with other film makers.

Our range of services includes, among others:

  • Speaker texts for TV documentary films and reports
  • Press articles and information for all media
  • Research
  • Title search
  • PR and advertising texts

Cross Media


The paths of communication are constantly changing and influence one another. Those who want to find the best solution in detail also have to keep their focus on the bigger picture.

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