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A Styrian gem



In the untouched area of land between Sölkpass and the Enns valley in the Dachstein-Tauern region, a sculpture park is to be created from the unique inner-Alpine marble.

Artists such as Hans Muhr, Klaus Schrefler and Heinz Mack create a symbiosis between art in the public sphere and the "Sölker", as the marble is lovingly called by the locals.

The documentary "Die Sölker Naturtäler" ("The nature valleys of the Sölker") guide viewers through the natural backdrop of the area between mountain lakes, a unique bog vegetation and the "Strub gorge", where the pink and green marble stone is washed free, in one of the largest continuous Alpine meadow areas in the Alpine region. It tells the history of how marble is created and shows how Sölker marble is cut in blocks and processed further.





TV documentary for ORF 3sat
45 min.
Script: Klaus T. Steindl
Director: Klaus T. Steindl
Speaker's text: Ulrike Gessner
Production: epo-film