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From Graz to the Ausseerland



The Alps are the most important and best developed mountain range in Europe. Over thousands of years, Alp residents and nature have influenced one another and in the process created a unique landscape.

The documentary series approaches the fascinating mountain world from an unusual perspective: from above.
With the Cineflex camera, the series sets the scene for the most important peaks of the Alps but also for the people who live on and with the mountains.
The aesthetics of the gliding aerial shots with wobble-free extreme zooms are continued on the ground through crane and mini-skater in order to visualize powerful stories.

In the interaction between breathtaking aerial shots and vivid portraits of exceptional people, a contemporary image of the Alps is created. From the bird's-eye perspective, the Alpine world showcases itself in its whole diversity and beauty, but also its threat. Below on the ground, mountain residents such as shepherds, monks, glacier researchers, sportsmen, farmers, fish breeders, winegrowers, vets and many other interesting figures share their reality, dreams and visions with the audience.

The series is an evergreen on the TV – the episodes are constantly being repeated and always enjoy high viewing figures.



TV documentary for ARTE, ZDF, BR, SWR, HDNet
3 x 53 min., HD
Script: Klaus T. Steindl
Director: Klaus T. Steindl
Production: Vidicom Media